Azienda Agricola "Ranalli Massimo"
On the first hills above Vomano's valley, at Cellino Attanasio,
along SP 23, there is Ranalli's farm, a mixture of tradition, passion,
love for agriculture and for zootechnical production.
The farm, a family managed one, can rely on a three generation
experience in cattle-breeding and cheese production.
The wide extension of 27 hectares allows the cultivation of cereals,
forages, vineyards and olive trees.
The great sensibility for the environment and the attention paid for the
agricultural products are supported by the IMC certification.
The production of biological food is one of the major prerogatives of the farm.
Azienda Agricola Ranalli Massimo - Contrada Staiano, 7 - 64036 - Cellino Attanasio (TE) Tel. +39 0861 668453 Cell. 338 9432284
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